How I plan to become the greatest programming trainer in Africa

Hello everyone !

Today the article I share with you is quite special. It will not discuss tutorials or programming advice. No, I’m going to share my ambition and the goal that obsesses me since I learned to program applications. That’s why I set up a blog, a YouTube channel and :

Become the greatest trainer in Francophone programming.

For those who do not know me yet, I am David Yao, web developer full stack for 5 years. If you want to know more, read this page about me.

Maybe you will think that I want to create the buzz. But before you get this idea, I invite you to read below the elements that allow me to say that I will achieve the goal set above.

1- My origins

I was born in West Africa, more precisely in Ivory Coast, a country in full growth and that will very soon pass to the stage of emerging country. But why do I say that my origins are an advantage?

I am grateful to be born in Africa, because currently, it is the continent where there are the most economic opportunities. I like to say that Africa is a virgin territory, a desert that technology has not yet tamed.

In addition, the population of this continent is young, and thirsty to learn new technologies. Indeed, many young people want to get into the digital business, such as programming, digital marketing etc. The demand is enormous, but the supply is insufficient.

So I have the opportunity to leave my mark in history, training all these young people in the digital world, but beyond. That’s why I started with the help of partners, to train Africa youth, and assist them in carrying out their projects.

2- My learning and sharing abilities

Among my strengths, I have two that will be very useful to me in achieving this goal: my ability to learn and share.

I love learning, and I have developed over the years techniques to enable me to learn better and faster. This is something very important in this era of information flooding.

In just 3 years I was able to acquire and master the skills of a full stack developer, but also an Android application developer.

And I say it often, the best way to learn is to teach. This is what helps me learn at a phenomenal speed: I like to share with others everything I learn. But I do it, so that even a teenager can understand what I teach. Although I do not think everyone can become a developer, I’m convinced that anyone can learn programming, if they explain it in the right way. That’s why my trainings approach concepts in a very simple.

I myself had the chance to meet people who made me love programming by teaching me the right way. So I see it almost as an obligation to do the same for those who want to learn programming.

3- The number of trainings I’m going to do

My ability to learn has another advantage: it allows me to set up an incredible number of courses. Indeed, the more I learn and the more I like to share what I learn. Clearly, it means that if I learn three concepts in programming, they will be the subject of three courses on

And sincerely, for this year 2018, I intend to do at least fifteen courses in the field of programming.

4- The number of students I intend to reach this year 2018

It’s all well and good to do dozens of training, but I will never be the greatest trainer of the Francophonie if no student follows these courses.

That’s why, I intend to literally invade the web of my presence. No kidding, I will use the various social channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) to promote my classes.

But better, beyond all that, I’m going to expand my student developer community, which is already at a hundred people, bringing value to programming enthusiasts.

In the end for this year 2018, my goal is to reach 1000 students

There you go ! All is said ! I have the deep conviction that I will achieve this goal. Many people will be inspired by my example to realize their dream. If you liked this article, please share it 🙂

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I know this business will be difficult. But what is not? 😎

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